What Is Racism. Who Can Be A Racists.

What Is Racism AND Who Can Be A Racists


I was going thru my blog comments and came upon this comment left my a reader….

Your comment that Caucasians are the only ones who can be racists is ridiculous and false, only an ignoramus would make a juvenile statement like that. It has basically proven the fact that you are a liar and you have no credibility, Only a racist would try to justify their own racism.

My response in reply to his comment………..

Mr. Militant Negro mrmilitantnegro.wordpress.com jueseppibaker@gmail.com Submitted on 2015/10/10 at 11:08 PM | In reply to RJW.

I will take the time to explain to your stupid muthafuckin ass why my fact based comment on racism being a caucasian only thing is valid, since your reading comprehension is lacking. Racism is about power, wealth and control. Power is used by racists who have wealth and control to perpetrate racism. Lets take the voting of a Negro citizen as ONE example. Voting is a right given to all American citizens above the legal voting age, regardless of color/race/gender or political affiliation. In 2009 when a Negro man took the oath of office, racists caucasians decided to change the laws of voting. They started to gerrymander (Googlethat if the word confuses you) districts on the state/local levels to remove politicians partial to legal voting rights for Negroes which lead to Barack Obama winning his 1st term.

Now this was done by racists caucasians who had wealth & control which gave them the power to change the district layout. They then took these redistricting scams to the local/state legislature and voted them into law. Now we see these same states voting into law new and restrictive voter ID laws that stop Negroes from being allowed to vote. They are also closing DMV stations/offices in states to make it difficult for Negroes to get State ID/Drivers licenses. Google Alabama if you’re too stupid to know what I am speaking about.

Now, once again, racism is fueled by wealth, power & control…all of which a Negro does not have to perpetrate racism…..hopefully this is simple enough to put your cousinfuckin brain at ease about my comments on racism. i usually don’t take my valuable time to engage with dumbfucks such as yourself….but it was too good of an entertainment opportunity to pass up. Might I suggest you stay off my blog’s comments section until you get enough education on issues to leave a competent comment?

Now I usually never waste my time replying to stupid people who leave stupid comments on my blog because it gets old fast, and it’s counterproductive to my time management skills. This however was just too good to pass up.

The post that gets the most dumbass comments on my blog was written in 2012 as a joke to see how many remarks I would get from racists caucasians…

Welfare Recipients: Which Race Gets More Benefits?

I wrote this one evening in June 2012 when I was bored. Even though I was well aware the stats were a bit outdated and the moronic racists wouldn’t even notice that, I knew evil angry racists caucasians would materialize like roaches at night when the light switch is flipped off. I was never more correct.


The photo says it all. Caucasian women are the largest recipients of welfare assistance in America. Thats a fact, be it food stamp assistance, medical, WICprograms, financial assistance or section 8 housing assistance

Most response came from caucasian racist who had teeth missing, wore bib overalls, chewed tobacco, lived in states still pissed about the civil war, couldn’t form cognitive sentences, could not spell or do simple math equations. Thats ok though, at least my article got them from in front of the TV. I mean whatever it takes to get them away from the Kardashians.

But I digress….the purpose of this soapbox is to explain once again why People Of Colorcan absolutely not be racists. Now we can react to racists and those who perpetrate racism, but we can not BE racists.

As I tried my level best to explain to RJW above, racism is all about control using power & wealth to bestow racism on a people. Slaves of all nationalities from Negroes to Asians to native Americans to Irish immigrants…all were used by wealthy caucasians to become slaves. Whether you call ’em indentured servants or migrant workers, they are all still just a common slave. One thing these people all have in common is they are NOT wealthy or have power.

It’s impossible for a poor Person Of Color to be a racists, they have no leverage to enforce the conditions that are racism. Not to be confused with the millions of poor “white’ trash who are racist based on their training & inbreeding as children. See racism is a taught mindset, not a caught condition.


Hopefully this all makes sense to both racists, wanna be racists and those of us accused of being racists although we are merely reacting to the racism heaped upon out proud shoulders. Confused or crystal clear?

Here’s a little something to confuse you even more….I’m Not “Black” nor am I “African American” and definitely not “Afro American.” Oh yeah, I’m NOT “colored” either. I’m a Negro. Negro comes from the race Negroid (There are only 3 races, Negroid, Mongoloid & Caucasoid) The terms/labels “Black”  “African American”  “Afro American” and “colored” are all given to us by slave owners to demean our very existence. I Am A Negro Militant.


I do truly hope this little soapbox has cleared up all the confusion society has put on our minds about race, racism and the racists who perpetrate race issues daily. You’re Welcome. Namaste & Umoja.