The Movement To Stop Black Genocide

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  1. I’m going to say this to you as often as you need to hear it Sis, I do not judge you or the life you live/lead. You’re a grown woman, fully grown, and you must walk the path you have cchosen for yourself, until you decide that path no longer leads to the destination you desire. At That Time, you will then choose a new different path. As your Brother, I am here to support you, give you my love and show you, if you accept it, that I am not against you, but standing right besides you, in all your struggles. Whatever you are dealing with in your personal life must always come before what you do as an activist.

    One’s soul must be clear and the mind focused on your mission in order to accomplish that mission. You appear to be conflicted, and at odds with yourself. In that mindset, you can not achieve what you desire. I am here for you in whatever way you need me to be here for you. I’ve told you many times, you can e-mail me, call me, DM me on Twitter, IM me on FB, anytime you desire/need/want to contact. Always. I won’t keep telling you this Sis, because you already know I am here for you.

    I’m different from the other people in your life, Sis, I make no demands on you or your time. When you need my ear, my shoulder or my mind, I am here for you always. You have my heart & soul as well. I admire, adore & love you Sister. Be Well & Stay Safe.


  2. omg …dear sweet brother, i hope you can feel my soul right now; for i not only needed something kind in regards to what i am trying to do, but you took it to the best level…. you always give me reassurance and confidence when i lack it most… i am so scattered and i fall often… but i want so badly 4 us to email one another again; but more often this time.. it is my fault, it always happens but i want to grow and balance myself for i see that having good people in my life means im happier; i actually am more active and gratitude fills my soul. when i isolate and y myself in so much work i can’t complete it all and don’t know where to start 😐
    i share that part of the boring story lol because i want you to i hope understand i dont like where i am personally in life with family (especially you) / friends / other activists, etc… but i’d like to give it a try again if you wouldnt mind… if you dont want to or can’t i won’t be angry, it was just an absolute sign from the gods tonight that i read this;- this message is exactly what my soul needed and coming from you it means even more… i have tears in my eyes lol im corny i know…..but you make me better. that’s all there is to it; and i love you being in my life, i truly hope i can figure out how to not be annoying and to trust you when you say i am or am not… please email me at if u ever do wanna try it again… please? 🙂
    love you so much bro… i hope ur day is blessed beyond measure!!!!


  3. You are right about the culture containing racism, it is bred in, by parents, peers, and through attitudes. Children see a black child gunned down in the street by a police officer…in plain sight and on purpose, those children absorb that message: black lives don’t matter as much as white lives…and on it goes.

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  4. I can’t blame caucasians for voting their fears, desires, concerns. Thats what Democracy is, using your vote, your voice to get what you desire. The deeper issue is racism is a disease taught to children by their parents from birth and reinforced throughout the life of that child by peers, society and the media. Voting is but a single act to perpetuate racism. Racism has to be defeated at the core level of parenting, society and the media. It’s a pleasure to see you here and on Twitter. How have you been?


  5. It is sad that the majority of Trump voters, voted their issues, their need to feel power over another group, to feel better than those “others’….the blacks, the poor, the Mexicans, the refugees…Making America White Again…I mean ‘Great Again’, actually means prosperous to some who are ignorant of the truth of Trump; however, many jumped on that slogan because it was code language that meant to them ‘White is Right’, ‘White is in control again’….they could think to themselves, it does not matter that I have nothing else to brag about- I was born white and that is enough. When a black/white man became president, not once, but twice, it scared the you know what out of many. The Paradigm has shifted, and they were ecstatic when Trump won. America will never go back to where it was fifty years ago…it will not.


  6. There´s the Black Genocide going on in the USA, and there´s even much more in the Neocon (Killary is the Neocons spearhead inside the Democratic Party) Think Tanks for global action:
    “US Power Elite Declared War on the Southern Hemisphere, East Asia and all Non-Western Countries in September 2000”:
    & „Ebola: Pandora´s Box Opened Since Long?“
    Andreas Schlüter
    Berlin, Germany

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