! ~ The Militant Negro™ Reblogs YOUR Post ~ !

IF The Militant Negro™ Reblogs Your Post…..

I thought the time is right to inform those bloggers NOT familiar with my blogs mission statement, to issues one. Seems to be some confusion as to why I reblog other bloggers content. So I’ll be brief and then go into much detail.

Me being brief……… Because I want to reblog other bloggers content. And WORSTPRESS agrees with me, it’s a right of other WORSTPRESS clients to reblog.

Me going into detail……… I have learned over the years that The Arts may well be the only thing that keeps humanity from becoming extinct. Our current world leaders are all insane, every last one of them. Planning nuclear annihilation, allowing mass murder by well armed insane civilians, and just being greedy dickheads.

My way to help society and humanity survive the likes of Dumbass Trump and his buddies on Capital Hill, is to support and market all things connected to The Arts. My way of accomplishing this is to share, reblog and Press This of all content by “worthy” WORSTPRESS bloggers. Now oddly enough, WORSTPRESS agrees with me by allowing me to reblog, share and Press This of any bloggers content I choose.

If you happen to be in the minority of bloggers who do not comprehend what share, reblog or Press This actually is or how that all works…pull up a chair, get a cup of flavored coffee or get a drink and come on back…..I’ll attempt to explain, in my own way.

About 5 years ago WORSTPRESS did the only thing, in my opinion, right in the 7 years I have been using their platform to host my blog. Why am I still here if I hate WORSTPRESS so? Because the plethora of bloggers, whom I love and respect, are here at WORSTPRESS and my leaving removes them from my bloggersphere.

Back to the purpose of this post……. WORSTPRESS started allowing bloggers to reblog other bloggers who were a part of the WORSTPRESS community. It was and is a brilliant concept to help blogs get visitors and followers. Brilliant. The idea is if a blogger likes the published content of another fellow blogger, that blogger can share that content of that other blogger. Confused? Don’t be. If YOU like something a WORSTPRESS blog/blogger publishes on his/her blog, you can share it on YOUR blog.

It’s pretty simple. You just click a sharing button found on your blog and the reblogging, sharing is done for you. You don’t have to do a thing but click the “Reblog” button that is on the very blog you use everytime you publish a blog post. Can it be any simpler?

The problems start when a greedy ass blogger who does not ever share, reblog or Press This, sees I have shared his/her work and is not remotely aware how this whole sharing thing works. Some say I need to link back to them. Some say I am stealing their content. Some ask why I reblogged them. Some are downright stupid and want to get into a fight with me over using a WORSTPRESS feature. Then there are those who are just to fuckin greedy to understand that sharing, reblogging and Press This was designed to HELP THEM AND THEIR BLOG.

That last bunch is my favorite.

Unfortunately WORSTPRESS found a way to fuck up this simple share idea by disabling the old Press This button, which was as easy as clicking the Press This button, and making it just plain stupid to use now when/if you click the Press This button. I found a work around to using the Press This button which made that simple button click even more efficient for my blog.

Bottom line, and the cause of this blog post… YES IT TOOK ME THIS LONG TO GET TO MY POINT.

I do not need to add links back to a reblogged post. I don’t have to credit your original blog post. I ain’t gotta mention your greedy ass by name. WORSTPRESS does all that for me when they reblog, share, Press This. So to be totally crystal clear…. WORSTPRESS gives all reblogs, shared, Press This actions the information back to YOUR original blog.

I do so hope this blog post was as clear as Flint Michigan drinking water…… thats a joke.

Now get out of my face with these lame ass bitchin complaints about me reblogging, sharing or using Press This of your blogs content. Good bye and don’t forget to tip your server on the way out.