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So YOU Wanna Start a Blog….

There must be as many blogs in this world as there are dumbasses who voted for Donald J. Trump on November 8th, 2016, and thats around 62,979,879 MILLION dumbfucks….to be precise. Now thats a lot of damn blogs and bloggers.

SO you wanna start your own blog you say….. well you certainly didn’t ask me for help or friendly advice or unfriendly guidance but guess what, THIS IS MY BLOG AND I’M GONNA GIVE YOU ADVICE ANYDAMNWAY.

First off choosing a blog hosting platform….. there are a few, GoDaddy, BloglovinWixWeebly, 000webhost, Blogger and even Tumblr is said to have blog hosting. Now to be brutally honest, none of these mentioned are as good as WordPress, but here’s a fact, WordPress sucks ass. WordPress is so stinkin bad I renamed WordPress WORSTPRESS about 3 years ago.

Here’s the thing, every other blog hosting site mentioned above is much worse than WORSTPRESS, so take a moment and ponder that fact. I’d say self hosting is the absolute best way to start out fresh as a new blogger. If I were starting out as a new blogger, self hosting is how I would begin.

I’ve been blogging on WORSTPRESS since 2011 and in that time I have become part of a blogging community that is magnificent, so self hosting for me would mean leaving that blogging community behind. That I will not do. I’m stuck with WORSTPRESS….for the moment.

Blogging is fun, time consuming if done correctly, a headache at times, the best thing since sex on a Monday and therapeutic at times….. at other times, say by Wednesday, blogging will make you need therapy. In other words blogging is like a marriage. Love it. Hate it. Can’t do without it once you say I Do. SO you wanna start a blog.

After you decide how to start your blog and whom you want to appeal to with your blog and where you want your blog to be hosted online, then you will choose a subject for your blog, a blog name, a direction you and your blog will go in…. politics, comedy, social justice issues, self improvement, health & fitness, your own issues involving your life, rants, venting, opinion, history, facts, stupid shit, dumbfuckery, selfies, celebrity garbage, and so on and so forth.

The subject/direction of your blog is entirely up to you, and remember, that direction as well as the name/title you choose for your blog can also change, I know my blog changed names and direction 3 times since 2011.

In order to assist you getting started, here’s my TO DO LIST, followed by my DO’s List and finally my DON’T List. Follow one, two, all or none, thats your choice, but keep in mind this is just a guideline. Oh, I was also very bored so instead of calling up a friend to romance, I decided it would be less drama to write this blog post.

I’m joking, well kinda joking. You know how that “just sex with no strings” thing can sometimes be kinda tricky. Now that I am thinking about it, I’ll make a call and get back to this blog in a few. You can go watch a movie, I’ll be back.

Ok back to this post. The following is a guide, and only a guide.

To Do List…

Figure out what your blog will be about, what types of subjects you will cover in your blogs. Writing experience is not necessary, not even proper grammar or punctuation is all that needed. Correct spelling is very necessary if you want readers to know what the hell you’re talking about and not need a “stupid” translator.

Next decide if you want a free blog template or if you want to pay for a blog theme offered by whomever you choose to host your blog. As with most things in life, free is good if you are not interested in spending cash. premium is always better because when you pay for something, especially a blog theme, you get more control with that blog theme and you can tailor the blog theme to your liking.

Next is setting up your blog home page after you’ve decided on a blog hosting site and a theme…..this is a true trial and error phase of blogging. I’ve changed blog themes exactly twice in my 7 year blogging career. I hated both times with an incredible passion. It will take time and patience and I usually have neither of those so I bang my head against a brick wall. YOU should read all about your chosen blog theme, use the instructions to learn your options and how to tweak and alter things. This will take longer than a day. Trust that.

If you’re close to anything like me, you will be working on perfecting your blog’s theme in appearance and functionality for months. Thats OK, only a tech person who does this for a living could do the set up, to be perfectly what you want, in a day, and they have this habit of asking you to pay them, big bucks. Fuck that.

OK. So now you’re up and running and you have a blog on a site, you are either using a blog hosting domain name or you purchased a unique domain name using your blogs title…. like mine….. 


which cost me $18 a year. The domain name directs readers and internet surfers straight to your blog. Read all you can about domain names and keep in mind, your blog hosting site will offer to provide you with a custom domain name or allow you to piggyback off their domain name availability.

Alrighty then. Now you are ready to blog. Ready to write, post and publish your first blog.


Do have fun blogging. It’s a way to express your thoughts, opinions, some facts, some ideas and a forum for you to be, YOU.

Do have the mindset that this is yours. You own this blog and as the owner, you decide what to say, what images to post. What comes out your finger tips is totally up to you and you alone. ALL blog hosting companies have a set of rules, not many and they are simple common sense and logic. Follow the rules and you’ll be perfectly fine.

Do learn how to link your different social media accounts to your blog. This is vitally important if you want traffic to your blog. If you’ve taken all this time to set up a blog, write blog post, then you must want people to actually visit your blog and READ all your magically delicious thoughts and ideas and opinions…..so…..market your blog to your social media accounts, like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and the 500 gazillion other places people seem to be addicted to in 2018.

Yeah. I got a few myself.

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Something like this is good to have included in every blog post you publish. Give folks/readers the chance to follow you, and get acquainted with you. Your blog you’ve chosen should allow you to easily set up sharing of your blog post. Just go to the “sharing” page of your blogs settings.

DO tell everyone you know that has a computer, a laptop, a tablet, a Kindle, a cell phone, smart or stupid (the cell phone I am referring to, NOT your friends) to visit your brand new blog.

I said this already and I’m saying it again, DO HAVE FUN. If not fun, there is no real reason to blog.


Do NOT be boring. Boring means people will not visit anytime soon after they drop by to see what your new blog is all about. The key to not being boring is pretty simple, if you ain’t got shit to say, if you have nothing to post on your blog, then post exactly that. NOTHING.

Don’t feel you have to write a blog daily. Don’t imagine the world could not exist if you don’t blog. Don’t neglect real life, work, paying bills, sex, your spouse, woman, man, children, relatives or friends to blog.

Do not steal another bloggers content, images or ideas and pass them off as your ideas, images or thoughts. Be original.

Do not be stale. Keep your blog fresh. Add new and different content so readers can come to expect something new each time they visit your blog, once they know there will be something new for them to read….they will return. Often.

Do not ever argue with readers/followers in your blogs comment section. The best way to prevent trolls and dumbasses from camping out and leaving evil nasty comments on your blog is to moderate all comments. This moderate thing means any comment left by anyone must first be approved by YOU before it’s public. Before you approve all comments, you will be alerted that you have a new comment and you can read the comment and decide if you want it public on your blog, if you say no, it goes to trash.

Lastly Don’t have 25 billion ads on your blog. When I go to a blog and see 2 advertisements, I click that blog off. If I want to see ads, commercials or images selling me shit I do NOT want, I’ll turn on a TV.

Blogging Tips

This last category is to help you avoid the pitfalls I see a lot of bloggers stumble into. These tips are mostly pet peeves of mine I encounter when I visit the 300 plus blogs daily that I read…… yes 300 plus. Daily.

A blog post title should be short & sweet. The less words used the better, it’s a title, a very short description of what a reader is about to….read. It ain’t a short story. It ain’t a novella.

Images. I see so many blog post with no images, and to be honest, if I’m visiting a blog that has no images in the post I am reading, I lose interest, and do not return. Why? I am a visual being. I like to be visually stimulated when reading about what you had for lunch 3 days ago. While you tell me about your commute to and from work and how long it was, images, photos, memes help me stay awake. ADD PHOTOS.

Choose an attractive theme, with color and one that gives you lots of options on how to arrange your content.

Interact with your readers. If a follower or reader leaves you a comment and you approve that comment, have a short response waiting for that reader when they sign onto your blog. Br nice and polite and courteous when it is possible to be nice polite and courteous. Sometimes it will not be possible to be nice, polite or courteous to a person commenting. Then just be whatever works for you.

And lastly, because I am now tired of typing….. don’t, do NOT, make any blog post longer than what you’d like to read. Think of yourself as a reader reading your post. Is it too long. Too boring. Too much of a ramble. Cut it off. Stop.

Thats it. All done. Hope this helps you and if not, do NOT contact me with questions cause I will ignore you. Seriously. Get out there, blog, have fun, meet new people. Be safe and stay well.