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Creature Feature

  If you’re a regular follower of my blog, it’s no secret I have a love affair with creatures—a passion I developed early, thanks in part to my older brother. He had a Creepy Crawler maker when we we… Source: Creature Feature Advertisements

I Am Water

  I am water So pretty to you With the sunlight glittering on my naked back You look at me to see your beautiful face You share your photographs Of me You poke me and you touch me But you can’t… Source: I am water

The Sleeping Poet

  In 1981, I was 28 and someone named, ‘Bob’. I lived in Honolulu, worked as a travel agent and did impulsive things like fly to Manhattan for the weekend to visit my Grandmother. I had a partner, we… Source: The Sleeping Poet

Rain Drops

  I was riding along the road Going to places to explore Riding along the traffic load Going fast as I could more The air was as hot as a burner I had departed from my abode But now as I go even furt… Source: Rain Drops

Healthy Ramadan Eating Tips.

  Following simple tips for healthy eating shared by Dr. Moayed Alhelfi, Consultant Endocrinologist, Medeor 24×7 International Hospital Al Ain,  can keep these problems at bay and ensure that you observe Ramadan on a healthy and safe note. Source: Tips for Healthy Eating to Keep You Energized During […]


  Numb Look I try but I can’t feel any more Ten is less than seventeen Body count I mean Am I unfeeling when I read other news Or browse for a new pair of shoes America is great And there’s profit to… Source: Numb