Fighting ALL Injustice

 domestic violence


Human Rights Petitions – Please Sign


Petitions To Correct Injustice: Tyra Patterson, Marissa Alexander, Trayvon Martin And The IRP Solution 6


Twenty Thirteen’s Vitally Important Petitions


Injustice & Petitions


Children’s Defense Fund


Ohio Parole Board and Governor Kasich: Free Tyra Patterson


Cyntoia Brown: Get Cyntoia Brown a re-trial


Change for Trayvon: Stand Your Ground laws must be reviewed


Gov. Rick Scott of Florida: Pardon Marissa Alexander


Stand Against Russia’s Brutal Crackdown on Gay Rights: Urge

Winter Olympics 2014 Sponsors to Condemn Anti-Gay Laws


United Nations: Stop The Nigerian Senate From Making Under-Age Marriage The Law!


Angela B. Corey, Florida State Attorney, Fourth Judicial Circuit

Court: Jury Interviews for Possible Jury Misconduct in the Recent Zimmerman Trial


Free Marissa Alexander




McDonald’s: Stop paying employees with debit cards loaded with fees


Release My Son Justin Carter – Being Prosecuted For A Facebook Comment


No more gender discrimination at SRCS


Justice for Rehtaeh: Demand an independent inquiry into the police investigation.


Sentenced to Death Because He is Black: Grant Duane Buck a New Hearing!


Walmart: Stop Selling and Advertising Assault Weapons in Your Stores!


Massachusetts Parole Board: Please Release Donald Perry Immediately!


Help My Autistic Son Get a Life-Saving Heart Transplant


IRP6: Strengthen laws to hold Prosecutors accountable for judicial misconduct in US courtrooms and protect citizens from wrongful convictions


President Obama: Commutation for Weldon Angelos – 55 years for marijuana


Release Daniel Larsen, Ruled Innocent


Allow DNA Testing for Kirstin Blaise Lobato


Please read, and if you agree with the petitions, please sign and circulate. Thank you.

The following are just causes that you might be able to assist. Charity and Giving.

Child Abuse…….

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence……..

National Domestic Violence Hotline……..

Help For Abused & battered Women


Waypoint Services…….

Domestic Violence Awareness Handbook……………..

National Coalition For The Homeless……..

Homelessness Resource Center……………

National Center For Missing & Exploited Children……..

Child Abduction Resources……………

Amber Alert……………………

Coats For Kids Foundation……………..

Planned Parenthood……………..

Veterans Suicide Hotline………..

Suicide Hotline…………………

National Suicide Prevention Hotline…………………………

Thank you.



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  1. Mr. Simpson,
    On the left hand side of the blog, under Categories, you’ll find a couple of poetry entries but I don’t write poetry myself…A woman named Shelley Peterson wrote a couple of poetry articles for me, and I published them. In the blog roll on the right hand side of this blog are several poetry blogs. Just mouse over the names in the blog roll to locate the poetry blogs.

    Thank you for your kind words of support.


  2. Everything Is brilliantly written, and I subscribe to all the sentiments. expressed on every theme, masterfully composed in all the blogs by Jueseppi B. A superb exponent of the written word, and a worthy winner of the award.

    As a poet and reviewer I was wondering if any poetry appears – since this is the Tagged Poetry site!


  3. Ms. Hernandez-Brown,
    I should have removed that comment from Erin weeks ago, and my response to her as well, but she meant so little to me that I forgot to do so. My apologies you had to read that garbage. BUT you are correct, she is insane with jealously. I wish her well with all her issues.


  4. Obama Vs the Republicans; What’s REALLY going on? To read a comprehensive article that evaluates the relationship of Obama and the Republicans, go to:

    To sign a petition organized by Faith American which calls for the resignation of Republican Mike O’Neal for his act of sending countless emails to his Republican colleagues requesting that they pray for the President to die, go to:

    To sign the Petition Against the Unfair Treatment of President Barak Obama, go to:



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