Are You A Racist??

By Jueseppi B. Racist. What is a racist? rac·ist /ˈreɪsɪst/ noun, 1. a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that a certain human race is superior to any or all others. Racism is the belief that there are inherent differences in people’s traits and capacities that are entirely due to their race, however defined, […]

How 2 Erase Racism!

By Jueseppi B. 10 simple ideas to eliminate racism 1). Don’t laugh at racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic and other stereotypical jokes or assumptions. By laughing, you’re acknowledging the joke is appropriate and encouraging more inappropriate comments. You can interrupt without being rude. Don’t let your silence speak for […]

Jueseppi B.

Jueseppi B. Writing to me, is like taking a bowel movement, it is something I only do when I feel a need. If I don’t go sit on a toilet when there is no need to do so…why write when there is no need? I write because so many […]

Pay For Spray

By Jueseppi B. Image via Wikipedia If you are scared of or offended by profanity, do not read this article. I do not want to hear, not one of you, bitching about the language contained in this material. You have been warned. America is so fucked up, I wonder […]


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I have NO clue what this testimonial stuff is or is all about but I thought I’d add one……. just because.

  1. a formal statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications.
    • a public tribute to someone and to their achievements.
      synonyms: recommendation, reference, character reference, letter of recommendation, commendation, endorsement, blurb

      “a glowing testimonial”
    • (in sports) a game or event held in honor of a player, who typically receives part of the income generated.
      “the Yankees held a testimonial day for Gehrig

    Hell I have no clue where it even show up on my blog.

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