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These articles here are all written by Me, The Militant Negro™. A fellow blogger mentioned to me that finding my self written articles, was IMPOSSIBLE. SOOOOO, this page should make that a bit easier.

Beginning from now on, every article I personally write will be found here. Enjoy.


Words Of Wisdom…..




Father’s Day For A Former Dad



Loss. Unnecessary Loss.




DMCA Filed Against Me For Reblogging




Advice to My Younger Self: Tag You’re It.





Reblogging/Sharing YOUR Blog Post.




We Used To……




Memorial Day For Family. NOT Dead Soldiers.




What Gets Me. Part Uno.




Getting The KKKops Called On YOU #WhileBlack




My Thoughts On The Royal Wedding.




Malcolm X Day




Introducing Poet Ms. Ananya Of Poetry Paradise




I Have Diabetes.




caucasians Are Worried.




Sunday Night “Get to Know”…….




This Or That Tag




Kanye Says….Slavery Is/Was A “Choice.”




Doodle Challenge: What Makes Me Scared**




Get To Know ME….My Way.




Bill Cosby Comedy….




Sara in LaLaLand: “The Key Challenge.”




Sexual Predator Bill Cosby: GUILTY.









Smorgasbord Sunday Interview: The Militant Negro™



Wasted Life



Words With Silent Letters. Why?



Stupid Humans…..



A Challenge: “The Light.”




The United Slave States Of AmeriKKKlan



Gun Rights ~Vs~ A Woman’s Right To Abortion




I’m Bored…. So….. Religion.



Sunday Coffee With Grandma.











Wordless Wednesday



17 Executed Florida School Massacre. It’s Still Not Enough.



Things WORSTPRESS Gets Very Wrong






58 Things I’ve Learned In 58 Years



Niggah. Nigga. Niggers. For Dummies.



Abortion IS A Woman’s Choice.



You Ask. I Answer.



God Ain’t Listening



Thank You




Reflection On MY Graduation: 1977



So YOU Wanna Start a Blog….



Social Media Dangers



The The Militant Negro™ Goals For 2018



Homework Asks Kids: Give 3 ‘Good’ Reasons For Slavery.



Kashmir Under 69 Years Of Indian Oppression



Oprah Winfrey & Harvey Weinstein.



Six Word Story



MY Pet Peeves: Part Duex.



Erica Garner Daughter Of Eric Garner Dies At 27



My Favorite Blogs For 2018



Too Much Information.



War. Guns. Death. Happy Holidays.



Racists Negroes Worst Than ANY White Supremacists.



Why Not Give Year Round.



Cell Phones



What. Huh. What?



IF The Militant Negro™ Reblogs Your Post…..



Why Does Anyone Blog



A Veteran Who Don’t Celebrate Veterans Day.



WORSTpress Fucks Up AGAIN.



The Ghetto



Dumbass WordPress Bloggers



Perception Is 9/10ths Of Reality



Who Am I.



My #MeToo Experience



israHELL/Palestine “Conflict” Explained.




Origin Of Palestinian Oppression By israHELL



Ms. Madison. Artist.



Someone You Should Know: Cerena Robertson



Fight A U.T.I. Without Doc’s OR Antibiotics



WHERE Have ALL The Negro Leaders Gone



Star-Spangled Bigotry: National Anthem’s Racist History



Kayla Robinson: Teen Who OWNS Green Box Shop



You Need NOT Fear MY Skin



The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger.



History Of Police IS A History of Slavery.



The Legacy Of Serena Shim: War Zones To Museum.



4 Awards….For EveryBody.



20 Questions.




Whats IN Trumpcare*



October: “Domestic Violence Awareness Month.”



Mental Illness And Social Media Updated.



Star-Spangled Bigotry: National Anthem’s Racist History




FYI: No More Mr. Nice Guy.




Xenophobia. Are YOU Xenophobic.




What Is Racism AND Who Can Be A Racists




Evolution Of The Militant Negro™




‘Press This’ Instead Of Reblog.




The Militant Negro™ Bloogin Tips



Stuffed Peppers. My Grandma’s Old School Sicilian Way.




Colin Kaepernick. Negro Unity. The NFL.




Ms. Heather Heyer, 32. Murdered By Racism.


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