Reblogging/Sharing YOUR Blog Post.

Seems some dumbass didn’t get this memo so I’m rebloggong my post on REBLOGGING…..


If I happen to reblog or share your blog post and you don’t appreciate me reblogging or sharing your blog post on MY blog, The Militant Negro™ the proper thing to do, for your peace of mind, would be to drop me an e-mail here, jueseppibaker@gmail.com instead of leaving me a comment in my blogs comment section. 

When you ask me not to reblog or share your blog post, again for your peace of mind, do so very carefully. Now what that means is simply this, do not attempt to school me on how I should reblog or share your post. There is not jack shit you can educate me on when it comes to reblogging or sharing a blog post.

I wrote the fuckin book on reblogging and sharing. My blog’s entire agenda is promoting bloggers, their post and their artistic work. I reblog/share between 190 and 280 blog post daily. THATS A DAY for those who might be confused by what daily means.

IF you decide not to follow these instruction written above and leave me a stupid ass dumbfuck comment about my reblogging or sharing your blog post, instead of just simply asking me NOT to reblog or share your blog post…in the provided e-mail address…..well….you day just will go straight to Hades. Thats a promise.

Have a very nice day.


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  1. Hi Jueseppi,
    Hope you’re ok 🙂
    Please keep on doing what you do, else I have to adjust my Beautiful Souls page 😉
    It’s been a while, sending you a big hug again! XxX


  2. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why someone wouldn’t want a blog post reblogged. That really baffles me. I’m sorry these kinds exist. You have always been very kind and generous to all of us. I hope you’re well!!


  3. I appreciate your reblogs!! You’re an asset to bloggers that want to want to showcase their work. Common sense should prevail when someone doesn’t respect another – you and I remember common sense but some seem to have forgotten. Keep up the good work and glad to see your posts again. 🥂😀🍂 🍁


  4. I think what you are doing is a great service to those who want their posts seen by as many people as possible and I am sure ‘those’ people just as I, thank you very much. I’ll admit I have encountered a few bloggers who didn’t want their links reblogged. When I first started this blog two years ago one woman even told me she didn’t want me reposting her poem for fear I would claim it as my own. Why would I do that? I told her I rarely write poems. I write novels which is a lot harder than writing one or two stanzas. I simply thought it was a lovely poem and ‘thought’ she wanted others to know about it too. I have had my books’ covers posted all over the internet and I really don’t care just so long as the person isn’t saying they wrote the book. I stopped trying to figure out the human mind a long time ago. It seems as thus everyday on online a new batch of do’s and don’t pops up. I quit trying to learn them all and just address those that affects me. But I agree, nothing is private once it hit the internet. Millions can see it. Private thoughts should be written on a journal with a lock and key because it is not private if you post it on the internet.

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  5. Well, one must consider the human mind. When a human writes, publishes a blog post NORMALLY that human wants that blog post viewed by as many humans as humanly possible. When a greedy selfish human writes a blog post that human is concerned with getting his/her name seen by as many humans as humanly necessary in order for that bloggin human to feel good about themselves. I see bloggers post images, images that could be beautiful images, but are garbage because that particular blogger felt the need to scribble their name across the MIDDLE of the shot, to let folks know they “own” that image.Nothing on the internet is owned by anyone. Humans steal it, alter it, post it. Thats the WWW. I’ve had 4 bloggers take umbrage with my reblogging/sharing their content in 7 years of blogging. One just the other day, which prompted me to do this blog post, again.

    Now the purpose of bloggin for me in spreading information and smashing misinformation when I was into politics and only politics. Now days I share artist work and any news involving artistry. And to finally answer your question, the reason a real blogger blogs is to get their words seen by as many as possible, otherwise a journal/diary is the best way to write, for yourself to see only.

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  6. I have run into 4 bloggers total in 8 years of blogging who took umbrage to my reblogging their content. I suppose thats mot too bad a batting average….. OK thats baseball and I have no clue what it should be for cricket. 🤣😂😅🤔😳👌🖖

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  7. Well said JB and it is always a pleasure to have a post reblogged by yourself, or anyone else. Your efforts are much appreciated (at least over this side of the UK) 🙂

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  8. (Sorry, pressed post before i was finished) …..world renown ‘WordPress!!’ 😂😂

    Nice to make your acquaintance to, Militant 🙂


  9. I just don’t understand how anyone can get arsed about someone reblogging their content! After all…..isn’t posting a blog getting your post out their in the public eye in the first place! 🤔
    I think the best advice i have for anyone who has an issue with this, is to go out and buy a secret diary complete with a little lock and key, and write your stuff in their, ratger than world ren

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  10. Well as that saying goes, you can not please all the stupid people all the time….. or something close to that any way. 😅🤣😂🖖😎🙏🎈🌷 Good to see you Miss Jacquie. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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  11. I think some people are too dumb, inexperienced or just greedy and selfish, to grasp what reblogging/sharing in the WordPress community is all about. Good to see you pretty Lady. Enjoy your weekend. it’s almost here.

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  12. I had a guy today get “arsed” because i reblogged his blog post. The thing is when a “blogger” gets arsed, they usually are very stupid about the process of rebloggin/sharing. Which is why i published this post about how to ask me, properly, not to reblog their content. it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Ms. Dee Apple Blossoms. Have a great Weekend.

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