A Reblog Is A Compliment. Not Literary Theft.

I think I Love You. Blogging for me is sharing information. I was a political blog from 2011 to 2015. I shared information on politics. I am now a blog promoting art and artist. When I reblog, I am sharing YOUR work, NOT stealing it. If I feel a NEED to steal, I’ll visit the Federal Reserve.

The Novel: UnHoly Pursuit: Devil on my Trail

A Reblog is a compliment not literary theft. It’s someone telling you they think your work is admirable enough to be shared with others. Their peers.  I was off line for years and when I returned things had changed drastically, gone was the open friendliness of just dropping in and saying hello to a stranger. But by 2016, everyone had grouped off in their little closed part of the Internet and digitally stared at you weird if you dropped in with a compliment. I understand hackers and trolls were probably the reason for this newfound behavior. That’s understandable. But I never turn down a compliment because people do not have to issue them. There may come a day when you need one and no one is around to give one because you’ve pushed everyone away.

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