The Month Of August

August is the eighth month of the year (between July and September) in the Julian and Gregorian calendars and the fifth month to have the length of 31 days. In the Southern HemisphereAugust is the seasonal equivalent of February in the Northern Hemisphere.

 In many European countries, August is the holiday month for most workers.

Certain meteor showers take place in August. The Kappa Cygnids take place in August with the dates varying each year, the Alpha Capricornids meteor shower takes place as early as July 10 and ends at around August 10, and the Southern Delta Aquariids take place from mid-July to mid-August with the peak usually around July 28–29. The Perseids, a major meteor shower, typically takes place between July 17 – August 24, with the days of the peak varying yearly.

The star cluster of Messier 30 is best observed around August.

This month was originally named Sextilis in Latin, because it was the sixth month in the original ten-month Roman calendar under Romulus in 753 BC, when March was the first month of the year. About 700 BC it became the eighth month when January and February were added to the year before March by King Numa Pompilius, who also gave it 29 days. Julius Caesar added two days when he created the Julian calendar in 45 BC giving it its modern length of 31 days. In 8 BC it was renamed in honor of Augustus (despite common belief, he did not take a day from February; see the debunked theory on month lengths). According to a Senatus consultum quoted by Macrobius, he chose this month because it was the time of several of his great triumphs, including the conquest of Egypt.

In ancient Rome, Supplicia canum was held on August 3, Lychnapsia was held on August 12, Nemoralia was held from August 13–15 (or on the full moon of August), Tiberinalia and Portumnalia were held on August 17, Consuales Ludi was held on August 18, Vinalia rustica was held on August 19, Vulcanalia was held on August 23, Opiconsivia was held on August 25, and Volturnalia was held on August 27. These dates do not correspond to the modern Gregorian calendar.

August Month Observations

National Crayon Collection Month *
Family Fun Month
National Catfish Month
National Eye Exam Month
National Golf Month
National Peach Month
National Water Quality Month
Romance Awareness Month
National Goat Cheese Month
Happiness Happens Month
National Sandwich Month
National Panini Month
National Brownies at Brunch Month
Get ready for Kindergarten Month
Black Business Month
National Immunization Awareness Month
Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month
International Peace Month
MedicAlert Awareness Month
Motorsports Awareness Month
Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month
National Back to School Month

August, 2017 Bizarre and Unique Holidays


  • Admit You’re Happy Month
  • Family Fun Month
  • Dog Days of Summer – July 3 – August 11
  • International Clown Week – always August 1-7
  • National Catfish Month
  • National Eye Exam Month
  • National Golf Month
  • Peach Month
  • Romance Awareness Month
  • Water Quality Month
  • National Picnic Month

Weekly Events:

  • Week 1 National Simplify your Life Week
  • Week 2 National Smile Week
  • Week 3 Friendship Week
  • Week 4 Be Kind to Humankind Week

August, 2017 Daily Holidays, Special and Wacky Days:

National Girlfriends Day

National Mountain Climbing Day

National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Grab Some Nuts Day

National Watermelon Day

International Beer Day – First Friday in August

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

U.S. Coast Guard Day

Campfire Day – First Saturday in August

International Hangover Day – First Saturday in August

National Clown Day – Satuday during International Clown Week

National Mustard Day first Saturday

National Underwear Day

Work Like a Dog Day

Friendship Day – First Sunday in August

Sisters Day – First Sunday in August

Wiggle Your Toes Day

International Forgiveness Day – First Sunday in August

National Lighthouse Day

Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day – now that’s nasty!

Book Lover’s Day

10 Lazy Day

10 National S’mores Day

11 Presidential Joke Day

11 Son and Daughter Day

12 Middle Child’s Day

13 Left Hander’s Day

14 National Creamsicle Day

14/15 V-J Day – which date do you celerate as the end of WWII?

15 Relaxation Day – now this one’s for me!

16 National Tell a Joke Day

17 National Thriftshop Day

18 Bad Poetry Day

19 Aviation Day

19 National Honey Bee Awareness Day – Third Saturday

19 National Potato Day

20 National Radio Day

20 World Mosquito Day

21 National Spumoni Day

21 Senior Citizen’s Day

22 Be an Angel Day

22 National Tooth Fairy Day – and/or February 28

23 Ride the Wind Day

24 Vesuvius Day

25 Kiss and Make Up Day

26 National Dog Day

26 Women’s Equality Day

27 Global Forgiveness Day

27 Just Because Day

28 Chinese Valentine’s Day/Daughter’s Day – 7th day of 7th Lunar Month

28 Race Your Mouse Day -but we are not sure what kind of “mouse”

29 More Herbs, Less Salt Day

30 Frankenstein Day

30 Toasted Marshmallow Day

31 National Eat Outside Day

31 National Trail Mix Day


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