Day: May 21, 2018


Originally posted on Charmed Chaos:
Fading into the purple haze of blues remembering your brown eyes laughing Yearning for one more glimpse of you dancing in Spring’s gentle rain cleansing your aching soul making you whole as you sweetly sing a lullaby of goodbye to all of  life’s…

Almond & Cacao Energy Balls

  These Energy Balls are the perfect snack or you can even use them as a pre-workout to get some extra energy!  They are healthy, full of protein, full of healthy vitamins and fats and best of all, they are absolutely delicious! Ingredients Makes 15 […] Source: Almond […]

What Gets Me. Part Uno.

A blogger/author/talented Lady Ms. Sarah Doughty, whom I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting, did a post on her blog Heartstring Eulogies that actually made me stop and think. I suggest you swing by her site and check out her immense talent, and peruse her impressive list of published works. Now […]