Day: December 1, 2017

empty nest

The View From My Window As I walked along the railroad tracks, I saw a tree whose branches were no longer in season. Bare and colorless. But I couldn’t help but notice the fully exposed nest among the branches. Twigs and leaves and a collection of things. A […]


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A cluttered garage building up around me like the thoughts in my head. An electric space heater, unanswered questions and the debate of if I should shower now or later. Toes kicking up and down, a shaky leg. Days ago the nice…

Cell Phones

OK, since I am taking December 1st to Bitch & Moan…SOMEBODY PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY ANYONE NOT A FORTUNE 500 CEO OR A DOCTOR OR A PARENT NEEDS A CELL PHONE SUPER-GLUED TO THEIR PALMS? I swear before the mythical god and 3 caucasian men that I fail to […]

Weaving Words

  Criss Cross Using words Creating a tapestry Entwine Thread With these words Leaving nought unsaid Knit Knot Metaphors ready Loose ends tied up Loop And Twist There it is! Masterpiece Complete ©Vivi… Source: Weaving Words

Weeks Best Photojournalism

Weeks Best Photojournalism From The Week.Com. The week’s best photojournalism In the week’s most striking images, an unsuspecting swimmer wades into shark territory, an army dog salutes, and more Kelly Gonsalves The Mount Agung volcano erupts in Bali, Indonesia. | (AP Photo/Firdia Lisnawati) A man unknowingly wades near a […]